Attendance and Absence

It is important that students attend school regularly in order to make the most of the learning opportunities provided by Cathedral Academy. Regular attendance helps to form good habits which prepares students for the world of work. It has also been proven that poor school attendance and academic underachievement are linked. Parents / carers have a vital role to play in promoting good attitudes towards attendance.

To report an absence:

Call: 01924 330640 and then press ‘1’ for attendance Text: 07730219563

Please contact us as early as possible on the first day of your child’s absence from school, and again on any subsequent days. In order to safeguard your child, we need parental confirmation for every day of absence.

If we do not receive notification of your child’s absence from school, an automated system (Truancy Call) will contact you throughout the day.

According to government legislation, schools are not required to authorise absence unless medical evidence is provided. It is important to note that a parental phone call does not necessarily guarantee that an absence will be authorised.

Cathedral Academy operates an early intervention approach to attendance, and if your child has six unauthorised sessions in eight weeks, you may receive an Initial Warning letter. If your child’s attendance does not subsequently improve, this may be followed by a Final Warning letter, after which the Local Authority may consider issuing a Penalty Notice or pursuing a Parental Prosecution.

Our Education Welfare Officer, Jim Taylor, undertakes regular visits to the homes of absent students in order to offer support and to confirm that absences are genuine. Please contact him on 01924 330640 if you require any support with your child’s attendance.

As a guide, the following are not considered valid reasons for absence:

  • Taking holidays during term time. We work alongside the Local Authority to issue Penalty Notices for all term time holidays.
  • Medical appointments – where possible, these are to be booked at the beginning of the school day or after it. We are aware this may not always be possible but it is unacceptable to take an entire day off for appointments.
  • Taking a day off in order to buy uniform. If your child does not have correct uniform, this should be rectified in the evening or at the weekend. If you are unable to immediately replace incorrect uniform, please contact the Academy. We have a supply of uniform which students will be expected to borrow until you are able to replace the item.
  • Minor illnesses – in many cases runny noses, headaches, aches and pains etc. ease and are therefore not severe enough to keep your child off school. We recommend that you send your child to school in these cases.

To report an absence:

Call: 01924 330640 and then press ‘1’ for attendance.

Text: 07730219563

Please click here to download a helpful guide regarding illness.