All students wear their uniform with pride. A neat, well-worn uniform sets the foundations for success, and helps students prepare for their futures where employers will expect them to be smart, and meet dress code requirements.

Students who wear their uniform well are rewarded. Those who do not meet expectations will be spoken to, this may include them being loaned an acceptable item for the day and parents being contacted.

 A quick summary of what we expect:

The following is clarification of our uniform expectations and what is and is not acceptable. Please see our Uniform Policy for a fuller breakdown.

220px-blue_check-svg Black school trousers (not skin tight and with no zips on) X Jeans
 220px-blue_check-svg Plain black pleated skirt of appropriate length (to the knee) X Cargo pants/combat trousers
 220px-blue_check-svg White cotton shirt or blouse with a buttoned collar X Tracksuit bottoms
 220px-blue_check-svg Black school blazer with Academy logo X Culottes/Shorts
 220px-blue_check-svg Plain black leather shoes X Trainers
 220px-blue_check-svg Black tights X Fashion boots
 220px-blue_check-svg  School tie X Plimsolls
 220px-blue_check-svg  Optional school jumper X Sandals
X Hoodies
X Tracksuit tops
X Caps
X Fashion belts

The following items may be worn to and from the academy, but may not be worn, under any circumstances here:-

–       Scarves

–       Hats


 220px-blue_check-svg Acceptable X Not Acceptable
 220px-blue_check-svg One ring on each hand X Multiple earring piercings
 220px-blue_check-svg Wrist Watch X Facial piercings
 220px-blue_check-svg Stud earrings (i.e. not dangly in each ear) X No other jewellery is permitted
220px-blue_check-svg Makeup and hair colouring may be worn if modestly applied X  

Makeup, hairstyles/colouring and nail varnish that are considered to be over the top


Please note: No more than two bracelets of any kind (including Loom Bands) will be permitted.

Cathedral Academy uniform can be purchased from The Uniform Centre in Wakefield or Rawcliffes.

The Uniform Centre


Telephone Number: 01924 366633

Website: http://www.theuniformcentre.co.uk



Address: 18A Crackenedge Lane, West Yorkshire, WF13 1PU

Telephone Number: 01924 465510

Uniform Guide