New Year 7 students to graduate from Phase 1

Phase 1 (Years 7 – 8) is an important time for our students as they establish their secondary education. They are supported to discover their talents and address any areas of need, so that they are fully prepared for Phase 2, where they commence their GCSE studies and undergo the options process.

We are pleased to announce that our new Year 7 students starting from July will be given the opportunity to graduate at the end of Year 8. In order to participate in the special ceremony, where students will wear the traditional cap and gown and celebrate with parents as guests, students will need to maintain excellent behaviour and attendance throughout Year 7 and Year 8 and be working towards their targets in all subjects.

The special ceremony, which will take place at no cost to students or parents, will see our young people being recognised for their achievements in a traditional ceremony with a presentation to students on stage, followed by a reception for students and their guests.

As an academy, we work to ensure that students’ success is celebrated. We also encourage students to aspire to the possibilities offered as
part of higher education and our ceremony is an important part of doing this.