Academy students help one special girl enjoy the right to an education

Readers of @cademy will be aware that the academy is linked with the Bunda Girls’ School, a secondary school in Bunda, Tanzania to
support a bursary scheme which allows girls to access an education.

We are proud to reveal that our fundraising efforts have already helped one young lady, Paskaria William John, (pictured on the right
wearing the blue skirt) to secure a place at the Bunda Girls’ School.

Paskaria is 15 years old and is one of five children. She lives in a village called Mwibagi and used to walk a total of 14km each day to
get to primary school, leaving home at 6.00am and not arriving home until 6.00pm. The cost of a secondary education was beyond the reach of her family, but she will now be the first in her family to go to secondary school.

Arthur and Melina, who visited the academy from Tanzania to talk about the difference a scholarship programme would make, went to a number of primary schools in three different villages to find the right student for our first bursary. Out of ten girls who were academically able but unable to afford a secondary education, Paskaria scored the highest in the entrance examination. She will now board at the Bunda Girls’ School and the bursary our fundraising has created will cover the costs of her secondary education. Whilst the cost of education is low by Western standards, there are many families that simply cannot afford this. We are continuing to fundraise to support more girls, making a huge difference to their lives and also to the future of Tanzania as a country.

This special partnership, arranged through the Diocese of Yorkshire and the Dales, is a longterm one and a real demonstration of how
our Christian values are making a difference beyond the local community. Congratulations to our students who have raised enough to sponsor our first student in a short timescale – we look forward to sharing news of further girls our fundraising has supported.