Our students enjoy coming to the academy, and this is reflected in our high levels of attendance. Students are expected to be at the academy on time, every day, unless there is a very good reason for them not to be, as stated in our Attendance Policy.

Excellent behaviour is very important to students and allows them to gain the very most from their time at the academy.

We reward those who have great attendance and behaviour. To help us track student behaviour, we use a system of ‘Achievement Points’ and ‘Behaviour Points’. Please click here to read the ‘Absolutes’  which summarise the simple steps students can take to ensure that they succeed.

What are Achievement Points and Behaviour Points?

  • Achievement Points: given when students consistently show great behaviour as shown in our Behaviour Policy, exceed our expectations or help others. They can be awarded for anything that is positive!
  • Behaviour Points: these log instances when students have not met our expectations, such as poor or incomplete homework, uniform not being worn properly or failing to follow instructions. Any Behaviour Points are deducted from the overall number of Achievement Points, which could affect a student’s participation in Rewards Week.

It is very easy to succeed at Cathedral Academy – our students have high expectations, behave well and take up the opportunities available!