Senior Leadership Team

Cathedral Academy’s Senior Leadership Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the academy and ensuring that it is lead in a way that enables it to make a difference to students. To read the welcome from our Principal, please click here.

Kat Cafferky

Vice Principal




Ensuring that every student at the academy achieves their academic potential is at the core of my role. Through the careful analysis of performance data. I monitor and drive effective intervention to support every student. Line managing a team of core subject leaders enables me to adopt a consistent strategy in improving the quality of teaching and learning and student outcomes. I have high expectations and aspirations for every student with the aim that every individual finds success within and beyond the academy.

Neil Poskitt

Assistant Principal




I passionately believe that every child regardless of ability, background and status has the right to a world class education and to not only achieve, but exceed their potential. Cathedral Academy is committed to ensuring all students have the platform and support to gain the necessary attitudes, attributes, opportunities and success for lifelong learning. My role as Assistant Principal is to oversee the Pastoral, Attendance and Safeguarding teams to ensure support and guidance is available to maximise student’s potential and experience. Ensuring the Behaviour for Learning policy is applied consistently in and out of lessons is crucial to my role, along with ensuring students are punctual, have the correct attitude to succeed, ensuring any barriers to learning are removed and more importantly rewarding students for their successes and achievements. Having high expectations of students and providing the very best level of care, guidance and support is the key to academic and future success for all students at Cathedral Academy.


Stuart Pinder

Assistant Vice Principal




One of the most important aspects of any school is the curriculum and subjects students study as they progress from Year 7 to 11. It needs enable each student to achieve to their potential and also so they have the skills to succeed in further education. My role at Cathedral Academy is to ensure that students have access to a dynamic curriculum with aspirational targets to help them accomplish this. I am also responsible for assessment across academy, linking with Teaching and Learning and quality assessing the accuracy of data so every student knows exactly where they are and what they need to do to improve. This is vitally important when used for tracking and reporting students’ progress to parents across the year.

Robbie Pickering

Associate Senior Leader




The outcomes of any student are not solely based around the teaching and learning that occurs during Year 11 and it is my role to ensure that we have continuity in the high expectations and aspirations developed by primary schools, and that progress and achievement surpasses the expected during Year 7 and Year 8. I lead on transition, Masters of Recall and the Key Stage 3 Graduation Programme with the aim of giving our students a wide variety of opportunities to develop a holistic skill set to benefit them in their studies and beyond.

Ruth Lawson

Associate Senior Leader