Curriculum overview - Phase 2

Students have a 25 hour week and study a core programme of English, maths, double or triple science, core RS and core PE

Students make their phase 2 option choices at the end of year 8 and choose from a range of subjects from four different option blocks.

All students choose between history or geography in the humanities option block.

In option block 1 and 2 students have a wide range of creative qualifications to support their other core academic qualifications. These are designed to be as wide ranging as possible to help support students’ future careers, while also giving them the opportunity of exploring different ways of working through vocational subjects.

In option block 3 students study an option which is appropriate to their needs and future career plans. In this option block there are a wide range of subjects available which comprise of a non exhaustive list, including French, religious studies and a range of vocational courses.

There is also a work related pathway for some students from Phase 2 onwards. They complete all the core subjects but will complete one additional subject at the end of Year 9, 10 and 11. These subjects will change each year based on the needs of the students and group.

In Year 11 the curriculum expands to a 30 hour week, with all lessons finishing at 3:40 to ensure that they have all the preparation they need before their exams in their final year of secondary school. This is not an optional additional lesson and is designed as part of the curriculum.

Example of potential option block subjects

Enterprise / Business
Health and Social
Hospitality and Catering
Sport / Physical Education
Travel and Tourism

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